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Budding in a new community

It's hard to believe that it's already been almost a whole school year since I've made my transition from #sisrocks to #knightsROK. What an incredible year and journey it has been! Sometimes when you leave a place so dear to your heart, thinking it possible to fall in love again with a new community comes with some skepticism and worry. How fortunate am I that I have found yet another place where there is love, support, dedication to learning and continual growth? Ten-fold fortunate indeed as new connections are made and the relationships in full bloom!

The busy-ness has been the excuse for my limited writing, but it's been a productive busy year. I'd love to share with you the voices of our teachers at #knightsROK (GSIS Knights in the Republic of Korea ;)) through our new initiative of A Tale of #KnightsROK and the way we celebrate each other and promote learning within our very own community through innovative ways. Check us out, and engage with us; we'd love to hear from you!